Vehicle Reliability Reports to Help You Buy with Confidence

Buy Smarter, Drive Safer.

Don't take a chance on an unreliable car, buy smart by running a vehicle reliability report.

  • Proprietary data models give insights into which model years have costly defects
  • Access to complaints verified by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that provide an unfiltered look at problems owners are experiencing
  • Discover the model years that had issues leading to accidents, fires, injuries, or fatalities.
Car problem reports
Developed by the MyCarVoice Team
Get important data to help you make a wise car purchase or to better comprehend issues with your vehicle.

With the Vehicle Reliability Reports, discover real-world dependability insights and safety trends unlike anything else on the market.

The team at MyCarVoice applied their expertise and knowledge to help you find a smart buy or uncover widespread issues with your current vehicle.

Whether you are in the market for a preowned car or trying to diagnose problems with your current vehicle, MyCarVoice’s Vehicle Reliability Reports provides valuable insights to make informed decisions.

Car Buyers

For Car Shoppers

  • Discover which model years have the least costly problems
  • Find the model years that have the highest safety ratings
  • Compare up to three different vehicles to find the smartest buy
Car Owners

For Car Owners

  • Identify if other owners are experiencing the same issues as you are
  • Look into any recent recalls that may affect your safety
  • Identify potential issues with your vehicle before your warranty period expires